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Services We Offer:
ˇ   Windstorm Inspections
ˇ   Comprehensive Home Inspections
ˇ   4-Point Inspections
ˇ   Roof Certifications
ˇ   Replacement Cost Valuations
ˇ   Commercial Appraisals
ˇ   Residential Appraisals
ˇ   Flood Elevation Certificates
ˇ   Termite Inspections
ˇ   Mold Inspections
ˇ   Certificate of Use Inspections
ˇ   40-Year Inspections
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Don Meyler Inspections is the largest dedicated provider of Residential and Commercial Windstorm Insurance Mitigation inspections in Florida and a leader in 4-Point Inspections of older homes.

If you have a windstorm insurance policy and have not had an inspection yet on your current single-family home, it is extremely likely that you will save money on your current policy (see frequently asked questions).

If you wish to speak with an inspection specialist to get more information on our services, or if you want to schedule an inspection, please call (800) 469-0434!

We are the biggest and the best! Don't put your potential savings at risk by entrusting your inspection to an unproven inspection company! You can take comfort in the fact that we only use State Certified Inspectors. Our inspections (and related photos) are instantly transmitted to the company, where 100% of them are reviewed by quality control staff under the personal direction of our Professional Engineer. No other inspection company comes close!

Don Meyler Inspections is proud to have been selected by the State of Florida as an official Wind Certification Entity by the My Safe Florida Home Program.

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